Infrastructure Brew

We are proud to announce our partnership with Infrastructure Brew coffee company. Much of the United States’ infrastructure, i.e. roadways, bridges, water systems, are below-average or falling apart. These are structures we depend on every day.

Infrastructure Brew supports a brighter future by donating a portion of each sale to Water Equation which funds projects by the Community Engineering Corps. This organizations work together to rebuild crumbling infrastructure throughout the United States.

So, not only can you enjoy a delicious cup of Fair Trade craft coffee, but you will make a difference by keeping us - and others- safely on the HWY.

Click to buy Infrastructure Brew. Use promo code: busbrew and get a free sticker.

This delicious coffee comes to you as freshly roasted beans, below is the hand grinder we use in our bus. You can also see the pour over we use. These are great because they are both small and take up little space. Click the image to purchase one.