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Since we’ve been on the road, our bus has been mistaken for everything from a military vehicle to a prison bus, but it is actually our home. We, Richard and Elizabeth, bought our 1996 Thomas International school bus in April 2018 and converted it into a tiny home on wheels outside of Atlanta, GA. We moved into our skoolie on August 1st, 2018 and have traveled through 25 states in six months. We chose this life to live more sustainably, see the world, and to better understand American culture. You can follow our adventure by searching Little House on the HWY on Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. Until then, we’ll see you on the HWY!  



Little House on the Hwy featured on front page of Orange County Register

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Please like, subscribe, and comment. Many more adventures to come! Meanwhile, in California, we showed our bus at the South OC Cars & Coffee car show in San Clemente, CA. Cars & Coffee is the largest weekly car show in the U.S. to date. This video was shot on April 6, 2019.